Our Mission:

Assisting 101 school was founded on the concept of helping individuals through our unique and enhanced training programs to achieve a more rewarding career in a professional environment.

We pride ourselves in having one of THE BEST Dental Assisting programs in Georgia with almost all of our students finding a position within 60 days from graduation.

We realize that making a decision to choose a new career is not easy, and it is even harder to manage your current responsibilities while you study and learn a new career.  That is why our mission is to focus our teachings on practical clinical skills that dental assistants use on a day to day basis.  With this mission in mind, our students will not be wasting valuable time on complicated academic lectures or tasks that most dentists do not perform anymore.

After all, we believe in second chances and Assisting 101 can help you reach this new life changing career while holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way.

Happy Career!  Happy Life!