Why should I become a dental assistant?

Why should I become a dental assistant?

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Why I love being a dental assistant:

Are you considering becoming a Dental Assistant? At GSDS, we want you to hear from working Dental Assistants why they choose this career path. Every Month, we will share a story with you. Today’s story comes from Amy. Thank you Amy for sharing your story with us.

Sometimes I close my eyes and think back to the years that I struggled so badly with my career goals. I was confused, and always searching for the right answer. The answer that would make me happy. The one that would get me to the right career, the right path, and ultimately the right plan.

I did everything! I searched google, spoke to my high school counselor, asked my friends. I was looking for the career that would fulfill me every day. Thinking back, after high school, what makes me sad, is that during all those years, I wasn’t happy with my life. I had different jobs, but I never really felt truly, deeply fulfilled and happy.

I craved this life filled with stability, being able to wake up everyday and be proud of myself, and having a career that would make an impact. But I just could not figure out how to get there. Every job failed, every year things got worse, and I knew that my life was literally slipping away.

I worked really hard to get where I’m at today. Now I have figured out what I want to do with my life. Let me tell you… once I figured it all out, my life changed drastically.

First, I did a self analysis and  realized that I wanted to be in the healthcare industry. I really wanted to make an impact and help people. Second, I discovered that I enjoy my life when I am around people. Also, I wanted to find a path that was affordable and fast. I wanted the change to happen in my career as soon as possible. Lastly, it was important to me that I find something stable.

I found out about the Dental Assisting career at a Dentist visit. As I sat in the office, I loved the environment and the ambience. I talked to the Dental Assistant, and she told me about her day to day responsibilities. I went home and I searched more. It was perfect. As an Assistant, you get to work with different people, interacting every day. The certification takes only 10 weeks and is very affordable. I found myself feeling that this is attainable and I could easily see the path to be within my reach.

Also, I have struggled with instability all my life. I really wanted to find a path where I could have a stable, consistent career. As a Dental Assistant, you have many job opportunities and if you get the right education, you can become very successful.

This year and a half has been amazing. I feel very confident in my decision for attending Dental Assisting school. As a Dental Assistant, I truly love what I do.


Dental Assistant
Atlanta, GA

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