GSDS is where you can become a successful Dental Assistant in just 10 weeks!

  1. Flexible starting class schedule
  2. Affordable tuition compared to other schools
  3. Tailored to your learning style
  4. Knowledgeable Dental teachers
  1. Easy to understand instructions in small class size
  2. Solid career preparation for the Dental field
  3. Personalized professional roadmap
  4. Become part of the growing Healthcare industry
The Advanced Dental Assisting building career

Build A Career

Georgia School of Dental Staffing

Job Placement

Georgia School of Dental Staffing Private Mentorship

Private Mentorship

The Advanced Dental Assisting Curriculum is an instructional program consisting of 78 hours of lecture and lab and a 50 hour externship with a “Atlanta’s best” practicing dentist. The program utilizes a hands-on educational approach where students learn by doing.

Through our network of healthcare professionals, we guide our students in the job placement program and refer them to practices looking to hire. By working with our Recruiting expert, we work with you to give you the tools in order to find the right place for you.

We offer students and those looking to advance their careers in Dentistry a mentorship program. You will work one on one with our expert healthcare professionals in order to advance your current methods and develop your clinical work.

Our Job Placement & Mentorship Program Is Unparalleled 


Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Assisting

Q: How long does it take to become a Dental Assistant?

A: With our advanced Dental Assisting program you could become a Dental Assistant in just 10 weeks.

Q: Will I be able to learn everything in just 10 weeks?

A: Absolutely! Our 10 week program was specifically developed and targeted to Dental Assisting success by Top Dental Specialists, including Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Senior Dental Assistants. The program focuses solely on important information and real life experiences that you need in order to be knowledgeable and experienced in Dental Assisting. The program works! We guarantee that once you have completed the 10 week program at Georgia School of Dental Staffing (GSDS), you will feel confident performing the everyday duties of a Dental Assistant.

Q: How is this Dental Assisting program different than all the other programs in the area?

A: There are three reasons why Georgia School of Dental Staffing (GSDS) is different than other Dental Assisting schools. First, we understand that no one’s schedule is quite the same and there are some responsibilities that you just can’t shake. That’s why we offer flexible class schedules to make it possible for you to achieve your education on your own terms.

Second, GSDS works with your learning style to develop a plan for you! Everyone learns in a different way, therefore we assess and provide six different styles of teaching to ensure that you retain and fully grasp the skills and Dental Assisting information.

Lastly, the GSDS Dental Assisting program is up-to-date and developed by Top Dental Specialists. This new, innovative program has been reviewed by Oral Surgeons, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Senior Dental Assistants. Created based on the efficiency and effectiveness of Dental assistant graduates, we guarantee that you leave GSDS with all the skills and information you need to succeed!

Q: What is a “Rolling Admission?

A: At GSDS, we offer a rolling admissions process. This means, you can apply today and you can start your education in as early as one week (class schedules may change, please call or email us for more information). Our classes are offered every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We work with you to create a training that fits your schedule.

Q: What is the salary of a Dental Assistant?

A: As of 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that dental assistants working in the United States earn an average of $17.75 an hour and $36,920 per year. Salary ranges vary widely by state and by major metropolitan area. For more information about the salary of a Dental Assistant, please visit

Q: Can I afford your school? Do you guys offer payment plans?

A: Yes! We want to make this process affordable and convenient for you. With our convenient payment plan and financial assistance program, you can start your career in the dental field. We have three payment options. You can either pay upfront, make three payments, or make five payments. If you have any questions about the payment plans, please visit

Q: What is a Dental Assistant?

A: A Dental assistant assists the dental professional in providing more efficient dental treatment. They provide the help and extra assistance necessary so that the patient receives effective dental work.

Q: Where do i get my hands-on-training?

A: Hands-on-training is offered Monday through Friday during office hours at one of our two Dental office locations. At GSDS, we want you to have a holistic training. Therefore, we do not ask you to find your own hands-on-training facility. Everything is done in-house. You will have the opportunity to work along with a Dental professional, and get real experience working as a Dental Assistant. Hands-on-training is both an exciting and very vital part of the program.

Q: What if I feel like I do not understand the information?

A: That is no problem! At GSDS, we offer a personalized program for each of our students. That means we understand that you might learn differently and need some extra support. That is why we offer flexible schedules and personalized learning program. We will provide you with a Mentor that will assess if you need to repeat a class or what you will need in order to feel confident and graduate as a successful Dental Assistant.

Q: How do you help me find a job?

A: GSDS is associated with Mansouri Family Dental Practice and Dentistry From the Heart that works with many Dentists and healthcare professionals in the Atlanta area. Through our network of healthcare professionals, we guide our students in the job placement and refer them to practices looking to hire. By working with our Recruiting expert, we work with you to give you the tools in order to find the right place for you.

Q: What do you do as a dental assistant?

A: Some of their duties include preparing patients for treatments and teeth cleanings, sterilizing instruments, processing oral X-rays, maintain patient records, assist during procedures, holding suction devices, taking impressions, and fabricating provisional crowns. They assist the dental professionals, and ensure that the patient receives efficient, effective dental work.

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