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Career Paths and Earning Potential for Dental Assistants

Career Paths and Earning Potential for Dental Assistants

Are you an aspirant for dental assistant programs in Georgia looking to expand your career horizons and increase your earning potential? With the right skills, experience, and education, there are numerous opportunities within the dental field waiting for you to explore in Georgia. Let’s delve into some exciting career paths after being a dental assistant in Georgia and the corresponding salaries to help you chart your course toward success.

Dental Assistant Salary:

A lot of people have this confusion before enrolling in dental assisting schools in Georgia. As a dental assistant, you play an important role in supporting dental professionals and ensuring the smooth operation of the practice. The average annual salary for a dental assistant is $38,644, providing a solid foundation for your career. However, there are ways to enhance your earning potential and pursue more rewarding opportunities within the field.

  • Expanded Function Dental Assistant

An expanded function dental assistant takes on additional responsibilities within the practice, such as applying sealants, polishing teeth, and smoothing fillings. In some states, you may hold titles like Certified Dental Assistant, Licensed Dental Assistant, or Registered Dental Assistant. With an average salary of $50,490, this role offers increased earning potential and professional growth opportunities after graduating from a dental assisting institute in Georgia.

  • Dental Hygienist

If you’re interested in working more independently and directly with patients, becoming a dental hygienist could be the right path for you. By earning a degree in dental hygiene, you can significantly boost your salary to an average of $101,767 per year. This role allows you to provide preventive dental care, educate patients on oral health, and play a vital role in maintaining overall dental hygiene. Sounds like a perfect choice if you’re a people person, right?

  • Dental Office Manager

Your experience as a dental assistant in Georgia equips you with valuable skills in office operations, organization, and leadership. Transitioning to a dental office manager role allows you to apply these skills in supervising staff, interacting with patients, and overseeing billing processes. This role also helps you to refine your managerial skills, which is just the cherry on the cake for your career. With an average salary of $49,377 per year, this position offers a rewarding career path with opportunities for advancement.

  • Dental Laboratory Technician

As a dental laboratory technician, you shift your focus from working directly with patients to assisting them indirectly by creating and repairing dental appliances like crowns and dentures. This role requires precision, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. With an average annual salary of $44,506, becoming a dental laboratory technician offers a stable career path within the dental industry. You can further equip yourself with this expertise after enrolling in a dental assisting course in Georgia.

  1. Dentist:

For those with serious, ambitious career aspirations after pursuing a dental assisting course in Georgia, pursuing a career as a dentist may be the ultimate goal. By earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree, you can examine, diagnose, and treat patients directly. Dentists earn an impressive average salary of $156,610 per year, making it one of the highest-paying professions within the dental field. Plus, you get a doctorate degree that further adds to your overall expertise in the dental field!


As a dental assistant in Georgia, you have a wealth of opportunities available to you for career advancement and increased earning potential. Whether you choose to specialize as an expanded function dental assistant, transition to dental hygiene, or pursue leadership roles as a dental office manager, your skills and experience provide a strong foundation for success. Explore these exciting career paths and take the next step towards achieving your professional goals with Dental Assisting 101 at Georgia in the dynamic field of dentistry.

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