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A Bright Future Lies Ahead

A wise person once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."

At Dental Assisting 101, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy a career doing what they love. Unfortunately, many men and women in Georgia settle for soulless, thankless jobs with no upward mobility. If you are stuck in a job just to pay the bills, your opportunity to make a change and build a better life is here.

Unlike traditional colleges, we offer our students an expedited pathway to success through a hands-on educational approach where students learn by doing. One of the best ways to secure your future and set yourself up for success is to learn from the best. That's exactly what you'll get when you enroll in our dental assisting school in Smyrna, GA. We pride ourselves on having one of the most effective dental assisting courses in the state, where most students find a position within 60 days of graduation.

When it comes to decisions, choosing a new career path is one of the most important of your life. It's not an easy choice, and it can be even harder to juggle your current responsibilities while you study and attend class. That is why we offer both in-person and online course structures, focusing on teaching practical skills that you will use every day as a dental assistant. When you choose Assisting 101, you can rest easy knowing you won't spend valuable time trying to discern complicated lectures or irrelevant tasks. Instead, you will learn crucial skills that will set you apart from your peers and help you begin a new life-changing career in the dental industry.

When you enroll in our dental assisting school, you will reap the benefits of:

  • Flexible schedules for working adults and first-time students
  • Practical training that will teach you the skills necessary to flourish as a dental assistant
  • Knowledgeable dental faculty who want you to succeed
  • Access to your instructor 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • Affordable tuition with low payment plan opportunities
  • In-depth career prep to get you ready for a job in the dental industry
  • Resume help and job interview coaching

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Dental Assistant School Smyrna, GA
 Dental Assistant Course Smyrna, GA


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Choosing Your Dental Assisting Course In Smyrna, GA

At Assisting 101, students have their choice of two unique dental assisting programs in Smyrna. Both programs consist of 78 hours of lecture and 48 hours of in-depth, hands-on training at one of the best dental offices in metro Atlanta. Both programs allow students to build a career in dentistry with the help of real dentists and dental assistants.


Online Dental Assistant Course

Our online program is ideal for those students that like to complete training at their own pace. If you are an eager student willing to study every day and want to complete this program in as little as one month, you can do so. However, if you would like to take more time to manage other life responsibilities, you have the choice of completing this course in less than six months.

When you choose our online dental assisting course, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Begin classes at any time. With Assisting 101's online course structure, students may begin learning as soon as their registration is approved.
  • Obtain a customized welcome kit that includes your textbooks, studying materials, alginate impression kits, dentition models, x-ray kit, pouring model package, and scrubs. This way, you can experience hands-on learning from the comfort of your home.
  • Take 10 academic sessions online, totaling 78 hours of lecture time and 30 hours of hands-on training seminars.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of dental assisting, through educational lectures. These lectures contain demonstration videos, slide shows with instructor voice-overs, and rich illustrations to ensure you retain crucial skills and information.
  • Complete the course as quickly as you would like. Dedicated, hardworking students can finish our online dental assisting course in Smyrna, GA, within a month!
  • Use our externship placement services to help you discover local dental offices in need of interns to help you fulfill our course competencies. While not mandatory for graduation, an externship will help you better prepare for a long career in dentistry. An externship can also be an incredible way to network with industry professionals and work at an office that may hire you down the road.
  • Engage with your instructor, who will be with you every step of the way while you carve your path to a new, rewarding career.

On-Site Dental Assistant Course

Our on-site dental assisting program is perfect for students who do not have to travel long distances to our facility or need to "rush" to complete the course.


  • Immerse yourself in a traditional 10-week-long program consisting of training and in-office lectures each Saturday from 9AM until 5PM. On-site classes are conducted in an intimate teaching environment to ensure each student gets the attention they need and deserve.
  • Learn from successful dental professionals in our state-of-the-art dental assisting school in Smyrna, GA. Because this program is only offered four times a year, class space is very limited.
  • Get a basic understanding of common dental assisting techniques through lectures in the morning. You will put those techniques to use in our operatories in the afternoon, where you will practice real-world dental assistant duties.
  • Attend an orientation meeting, where you will receive your textbooks, studying materials, scrubs, and more.
  • Benefit from 48 hours of shadowing by our fully trained technicians and dental professionals. While you are being shadowed, your instructor will walk you through important procedures and teach you crucial skills needed for a fulfilling career as a dental assistant.
  • Build friendships and lifelong relationships with like-minded students who also want to begin a career in the dental industry.

Why Choose A Career In The Dental Industry?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of dental assistants is expected to grow 11% over the next 10 years - faster than the average job growth of many other industries. New and ongoing evidence suggests an important link between a person's overall health and their oral health. Because of this, demand for dental-related services is expected to stay strong for years to come. Dental offices in Georgia and other states must meet this projected demand. As such, the need for trained dental assistants will continue to grow.

As Baby Boomers grow older and as more men and women practice good oral hygiene, the need to treat and maintain one's teeth will lead to an increased need for quality dental care. Over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that nearly 24,000 new dental assisting jobs will be created. That means the future is bright for any student who has been educated through our dental assisting courses in Smyrna.


  • Rated #15 Out of 100 Best Health Care Support Jobs According to U.S News and World Report
  • Rated #84 Out of Best 100 Jobs in All of the United States
  • Average Salary: $40,080
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.4%
  • Number of Jobs: 23,400

What Does A Dental Assistant Do?

As a professional dental assistant, you will be tasked with managing a wide range of administrative and clinical responsibilities at a dental office. Dental assistants play a crucial role in the day-to-day workflow involved in a dental practice. They work alongside hygienists and dentists to provide patients with the highest quality oral care in the state of Georgia.

Common dental assistant job duties may include:

  • Assisting in the lab
  • Sterilizing dental equipment and tools
  • Ordering and organizing supplies for their dental office
  • Help perform x-rays
  • Maintain and organize patient dental records
  • Perform coronal polishing for patients
  • Provide fluoride treatments for patients
  • Help educate patients about how to maintain their oral health
  • Help educate patients about best practices relating to proper oral hygiene
  • Providing assistance to dentists and hygienists during cleanings
  • Greet patients and make them feel comfortable
  • Collect important info from new and existing patients
 Dental Assistant Classes Smyrna, GA

Why Attend a Dental Assisting School In Smyrna, GA?

They say the best way to predict the future is to create it, and that is exactly what you will be doing when you enroll at Assisting 101. We believe in getting our students ready for a lifelong career, not just a job that pays the bills. When you attend our award-winning dental assisting school, you are investing in a future rich with opportunity.

Unlike other workers who choose not to attend school for legitimate training, our students enjoy a quick start in a vibrant job market where financial and personal growth are common. When you become a dental assistant after graduation, you will have confidence knowing you are well-prepared for a life-changing career.


Happy Career! Happy Life!

Dental Assistant School Smyrna, GA


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that job growth for dental assistants is growing at a faster rate than most other industries. This bodes well for our students, who will have job security as they navigate the workforce. In a time where many jobs are being replaced by robotics and other technological advances, the skills that you learn at Assisting 101 can help you for the rest of your life.

 Dental Assistant Course Smyrna, GA


The work/life balance in the U.S is a problem. Spending every waking hour at the office instead of home with family can be draining at best and depressing at worst. Unlike other professionals, dental assistants typically enjoy normal working hours during the business week. That means they have more free time to dedicate to their children and families.

 Dental Assistant Program Smyrna, GA


When you are a dental assistant, you plan a crucial role in your dental office. But as an ambassador of the profession, you also help educate patients about the benefits of good oral hygiene. Given the ties between heart health and oral health, you are making more of a difference than you might realize.

 Dental Assistant Smyrna, GA


When students graduate from Assisting 101 and accept a job as a dental assistant, many choose to make it their lifelong career. For others, the role of dental assistant is just the beginning - a steppingstone to a role with more responsibility. After only a few years as a dental assistant in Smyrna, the chance to become a manager or supervisor will become much more likely. The sky is the limit!

Latest News in Smyrna, GA

Restaurant Report Card: Piccadilly fails with a 26; Cuts receives 100

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - A metro Atlanta restaurant is in some hot water this week after receiving one of the lowest scores we’ve ever seen.Photographs taken by a DeKalb County Environmental Health inspector show filthy conditions inside the kitchen of the Piccadilly Cafeteria at South Dekalb mall, known as The Galleria at South DeKalb, in Decatur.Piccadilly failed with 26 points and a “U” for unsatisfactory. The report says there was black mold-like build up on the soda nozzles. Plus, live insects were seen cra...

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - A metro Atlanta restaurant is in some hot water this week after receiving one of the lowest scores we’ve ever seen.

Photographs taken by a DeKalb County Environmental Health inspector show filthy conditions inside the kitchen of the Piccadilly Cafeteria at South Dekalb mall, known as The Galleria at South DeKalb, in Decatur.

Piccadilly failed with 26 points and a “U” for unsatisfactory. The report says there was black mold-like build up on the soda nozzles. Plus, live insects were seen crawling inside the flour bin and there were live roaches in the kitchen and rodent droppings in the storage area.

“That’s very negligent. I work in restaurants myself and that means that’s years of people not doing their job,” Piccadilly customer Vanessa Richardson said.

After customers voiced concerns about it, we tried to give Piccadilly a chance to explain what happened, but management posted a sign at the front of the restaurant saying they are temporarily closed due to a scheduled building clean. They told us off camera they have confidence in the safety and quality of their food and will work to ensure these violations do not occur again.


Our managers are ServSafe certified in food safety practices and procedures. We conduct inspections of our facilities twice daily and consider food safety to be our main focus and priority.

We partner with a nationally recognized pest control company, Ehrlich, and all our restaurants are treated on a regular basis.

As soon as this inspection was completed on August 22nd at our Decatur, GA location, we took immediate action to ensure the cleanliness of the facility, and the safety of our products and offerings to the public. We have follow up inspections scheduled to ensure we are in compliance with the health inspection guidelines.

We have every confidence in the safety and quality of our food. We will continue to work to ensure these violations do not occur again.

Piccadilly is proud of our long history in the Decatur, GA market serving hundreds of guests each day, as well as a number of outstanding Team Members that we employ.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, CBS46 discovered three other restaurants at the mall which struggled to make the grade on routine inspections. American Deli scored a 44, Fletcher’s Place received a 50 and later followed up with a 74 and Crab Du Jour got a 70. All three spots had pest problems. But before we could get to the bottom of it, mall security told us to leave.

“It’s just a policy of the mall, no videotaping, no recording, no nothing,” A mall security person said.

Now to some other good scores, in Cobb County, Bella’s Pizza Bar & Grill on Atlanta Road in Smyrna picked up 90-points. In Fulton County, El Azteca on Peachtree Street in Atlanta scored a 94 and in Clayton County, Sonny’s BBQ on Mt. Zion Road in Jonesboro earned 98-points.

And at Cuts Steakhouse on Satellite Boulevard in Suwanee they received a 100 on their health inspection. Congratulations they are the winner of this week’s Golden Spatula Award.

You may want to start out with one of their signature cocktails in the lounge and then when you move to your table just know that in that kitchen everything is made from scratch from the freshest ingredients. On the menu, they have a beet salad, fried green tomatoes with blue cheese crumbles, shrimp and grits, salmon, a 22-once bone-in ribeye. Boy, that’s good!

Copyright 2022 WGCL. All rights reserved.

Is Spencer Patton FedEx Ground contractors’ white knight or a moat-protected baron?

FedEx Ground last week revoked the operating authority of Spencer Patton, the renegade Tennessee-based delivery contractor who has risen to prominence by calling attention to the financial plight of many of the FedEx Corp. unit’s 6,000 contractors.What FedEx Ground didn’t do, and what it is far from doing at this point, is remove Patton completely from the equation.That’s becau...

FedEx Ground last week revoked the operating authority of Spencer Patton, the renegade Tennessee-based delivery contractor who has risen to prominence by calling attention to the financial plight of many of the FedEx Corp. unit’s 6,000 contractors.

What FedEx Ground didn’t do, and what it is far from doing at this point, is remove Patton completely from the equation.

That’s because Patton, through an approach that could meet master class standards for vertical integration, has ingrained himself so deeply in the operations of FedEx Ground’s contractors that it would be problematic for the company to marginalize him even if it were legal to do so.

Patton’s now-abolished contractor business, which operated in 10 states with 225 routes under the name Patton Logistics, accounted for 5% to 10% of his annual revenue, according to a person familiar with Patton’s modus operandi. The rest comes from an array of consulting, brokerage, driver recruitment and training, and truck leasing services.

The various businesses generate tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue and are quite profitable, said the person, who is intimately familiar with FedEx Ground’s operation.

Patton’s consulting business, Route Consultant, brokers transactions between contractors looking to sell their routes — as they are allowed to do under the FedEx Ground model — and prospective buyers. In a typical year, Patton brokers the sale of between 1,000 and 2,500 routes at an average cost of $110,000 to $125,000 per route and pockets a 10% commission on each transaction, the person said.

Route Consultant also offers a three-month course to teach potential investors how to identify, acquire and operate a FedEx Ground territory, according to a lawsuit filed Aug. 26 by the company charging Patton with spreading falsehoods about the financial distress facing many of its contractors in order to promote his own interests. For new contractors, Route Consultant provides post-closing “milestone support” for the first 90 days after a purchase, according to the suit.

Patton owns a company called Silicon Ledger LLC, which offers tax preparation and other tax-related services to FedEx Ground contractors. According to the person, Silicon Ledger has helped or is helping between 1,000 and 1,500 contractors qualify for the employee retention tax credit (ERTC), which was created at the start of the pandemic to encourage eligible businesses to keep employees on their payrolls. Under the program, businesses can receive tax credits of up to $26,000 per employee. Silicon Ledger earns commissions on every successful transaction, the person said.

Patton also owns a company called Hello Truck Lease, an equipment leasing firm designed to support the leasing needs of FedEx contractors. During a presentation at a contractor expo in Las Vegas last month, Patton announced the formation of a purchasing alliance that will leverage the collective buying power of the contractor network to gain discounts on fuel, tires and equipment leasing terms.

For the past eight and a half years, Patton has been president of ADTP Inc., an entry-level driver training program owned and operated by FedEx Ground contractors. Patton has also acquired an unspecified financial stake in a Smyrna, Georgia-based company called Bright Flag Recruiting, which recruits drivers for FedEx contractors, according to the person.

In a statement, a Route Consultant spokesman said some of the figures in the story are “not remotely accurate.” The spokesman repeated earlier comments that FedEx Ground wants to focus on Patton’s various businesses instead of addressing the core problem of why it can’t provide more funds to help financially ailing contractors.

“It’s clear FedEx Ground wants to change the subject instead of directly addressing why they charge the U.S. consumer an inflation/gas fee but don’t pass that revenue on to the small business owners actually paying for it,” according to the statement.

Patton has warned repeatedly that up to 35% of contractors could fold as soon as the end of the year due to rapidly rising operating costs unless the unit provides them with financial relief.

A smart entrepreneur

By all accounts, Patton is a highly intelligent, innovative entrepreneur who adds value to contractors by bundling vital services under one umbrella. That is why he can move forward with momentum that seems incongruous for someone who has just lost his delivery routes.

It should be relatively easy for FedEx Ground to replace Patton’s routes, which accounted for about 0.5% of the unit’s 60,000 U.S. routes. It will be difficult, and time-consuming at the least, to replicate the ancillary services that Patton’s businesses provide.

The lawsuit and the operating revocation, which both occurred on Aug. 26, could be interpreted by many contractors as hardball moves by a tough company that has so far failed to take their plight seriously. To thousands of contractors, Patton has taken on white knight status by coming to their rescue during what everyone, including FedEx Ground, agrees is a challenging business environment.

“An increasing number of contractors are coming to view him as a messiah,” said the person, who said that many contractors have benefited from his services over the years but that he could be more forthcoming about his interlocking business activities.

Patton’s increased visibility is evidenced by the fact that the two-day contractor expo, which historically doesn’t draw a huge crowd, was attended by 3,500 contractors. Hundreds, if not thousands more, listened or watched virtually.

The Aug. 26 actions also provide Patton with political cover of sorts to continue his very public criticisms of FedEx Ground, the person said. “He’s not going to stop bashing them.”

Patton’s notoriety could result in more business for his companies as contractors gravitate toward his cause. Patton, for his part, has said that his success is tied to that of FedEx Ground and that he is just acting in the best interests of financially imperiled contractors.

Patton said it strains credulity that he would be trying to feather his own nest by deliberately stirring the pot when the fallout would be to reduce the value of the routes he is trying to broker.

Messianic status cuts both ways, and here is where it gets complicated. For many contractors, the last two years of pandemic-fueled delivery spikes were very good for their daily operations and for the resale value of their territories. In late August 2021, Patton publicly inferred that the best, at least for prospective buyers, was yet to come. The routes were valuable assets that were flying under the radar, he said.

Patton was quoted in a Bloomberg article at the time that acquiring the routes would be like buying Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) stock at $1 a share. The headline read that “FedEx Ground Delivery Becomes a Road to Riches for Contractors” and noted that the price of delivery territories had increased 50% over three years.

Today’s landscape is quite different. Costs are soaring, e-commerce delivery volumes have slowed and contractors face the reality of being paid less for residential deliveries than for high-density business-to-business deliveries, where each stop could involve the delivery of hundreds of packages.

There is concern among longtime contractors that their territories’ resale values will be much less than expected. There may also be some buyer’s remorse from those who jumped in at inflated prices over the past two years or so.

According to the person, however, the value of the average territory will become normalized as the industry moves further away from the extreme economic fluctuations caused by the pandemic.

The FREIGHTWAVES TOP 500 For-Hire Carriers list includes FedEx (No. 1).

Where to watch NFL football in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Atlanta may be Falcons territory during fall Sundays, but other teams’ fans visit the city or call it home. If you need a bar to celebrate or commiserate with your fellow fans, you’ve come to the right place.Arizona CardinalsTin Roof Cantina, 2591 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329Baltimore RavensHudson Grille Midtown...

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Atlanta may be Falcons territory during fall Sundays, but other teams’ fans visit the city or call it home. If you need a bar to celebrate or commiserate with your fellow fans, you’ve come to the right place.

Arizona Cardinals

Tin Roof Cantina, 2591 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Baltimore Ravens

Hudson Grille Midtown, 942 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Buffalo Bills

Anchor Bar Restaurant & Sports Bar, 2708 Town Center Dr, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Tavern At Medlock Bridge, 3230 Medlock Bridge Rd #101, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Whitehall Tavern, 2391 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305

Carolina Panthers

The Bucket Shop Cafe, 3475 Lenox Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Chicago Bears

Black Bear Tavern, 1931 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Cincinnati Bengals

Hudson Grille Sandy Springs, 6317 Roswell Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House - Westside, 685 11th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Denver Broncos

Hudson Grille Little 5 Points, 351 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Detroit Lions

Elbow Room, 248 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Green Bay Packers

Smokeshow BBQ, 3717 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

Houston Texans

Elbow Room, 248 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Indianapolis Colts

Fadó Irish Pub, 273 Buckhead Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Jacksonville Jaguars

Mellow Mushroom Atlanta - Buckhead, 1770 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Kansas City Chiefs

Hudson Grille Sandy Springs, 6317 Roswell Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Las Vegas Raiders

Gilly’s Sports Bar, 4343 Dunwoody Park, Atlanta, GA 30338

Los Angeles Chargers

STATS Brewpub, 300 Marietta St NW Suite 101, Atlanta, GA 30313

Los Angeles Rams

Elbow Room, 248 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

Laseter’s Tavern, 4355 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

New England Patriots

Fadó Irish Pub, 273 Buckhead Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Hudson Grille Sandy Springs, 6317 Roswell Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

New Orleans Saints

Big Easy Grille, 1193 Collier Rd NW UNIT D, Atlanta, GA 30318

New York Giants

Monticello ATL, 2000 Powers Ferry Rd Second Floor, Marietta, GA 30067

New York Jets

Philadelphia Eagles

Rocky Mountain Pizza Company, 1005 Hemphill Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Pittsburgh Steelers

Smith’s Olde Bar, 1578 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

San Francisco 49ers

Dave & Buster’s, 2215 D&B Dr, Marietta, GA 30067

Hudson Grille Sandy Springs, 6317 Roswell Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Jimmy’s Tequila and Carnes, 6365 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Doraville, GA 30360

Seattle Seahawks

The Brass Tap, 4505 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30346

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mellow Mushroom Atlanta - Brookhaven, 4058 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30319

Tennessee Titans

Kirkyard Public House, 1963 Hosea L Williams Dr SE r105, Atlanta, GA 30317

Washington Commanders

Summits Wayside Tavern, 3334 Stone Mountain Hwy A, Snellville, GA 30078

Missing your bar? Email [email protected]!

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News4JAX Super 6 volleyball: Bishop Kenny moves up, Beachside moves in to rankings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The News4Jax Super 6 high school volleyball rankings will be published each Wednesday during the regular season. Records are through Sept. 20 games.Rank, Previous, School, Record, Classification1. (1) Ponte Vedra (8-3, Class 6A)Notable wins: Bartram Trail, Beachside, Berkeley Prep, Bishop Gorman (Nevada), Providence, Ridgeview, Winter Park.Glance: Only one match since last Super 6, a sweep of a solid Providence squad. News4JAX’s two-ti...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The News4Jax Super 6 high school volleyball rankings will be published each Wednesday during the regular season. Records are through Sept. 20 games.

Rank, Previous, School, Record, Classification

1. (1) Ponte Vedra (8-3, Class 6A)

Notable wins: Bartram Trail, Beachside, Berkeley Prep, Bishop Gorman (Nevada), Providence, Ridgeview, Winter Park.

Glance: Only one match since last Super 6, a sweep of a solid Providence squad. News4JAX’s two-time player of the year Zeta Washington continues to be a monster attacker at the net (136 kills, 69% kill percentage). Chelsea Sutton follows with 66 and leads the Sharks with 28 blocks. Avery Meide (65 digs) and Jessica Shattles (211 assists, 61 digs) lead the defensive and offensive attacks. The Sharks are third in the region of the FHSAA volleyball rankings, trailing just New Smyrna Beach and Gulf Breeze.

2. (3) Bishop Kenny (10-2, Class 4A)

Notable wins: Bartram Trail, Bolles, Canterbury, Lakeland, Middleburg, Nease, Providence.

Glance: The Crusaders stretched their winning streak to seven with victories over Middleburg (3-0) and Nease (3-1) since our last Super 6. They’ve got a solid Ridgeview on the road Thursday night. Allison Cavanagh has double figures in kills in all but three matches this season. She’s up to 113 on the year. is absolutely in that conversation. Claudia Stockard reached the 100-kill mark on the season with 15 against Nease. Sarah Seabrooke (125 digs) and Emma Milton (82 digs) lead the defense for the Crusaders. Kenny enters the week first in Region 1-4A in the FHSAA volleyball rankings and sixth overall in 4A.

3. (2) Trinity Christian (13-3, Class 3A)

Notable wins: Bartram Trail, Bolles, Buchholz, Holy Trinity Episcopal, Lyman, Providence, Ridgeview, The Rock, Vero Beach.

Glance: The Conquerors went 3-3 since our last Super 6, with wins over The Rock, Holy Trinity and Bartram Trail. They dropped three in a row (Creekside, Lincoln and Viera), all quality opponents. Amaria King, Avery Haney and Ali Haney lead the Conquerors at the net. Taylor Teaman and Ariel Ross are tops in digs and assists, respectively. The Conquerors are sitting pretty in the FHSAA volleyball rankings, currently in second place in the region behind Ocala Trinity Catholic.

4. (4) Bartram Trail (9-5, Class 7A)

Notable wins: Arnold, Creekside (twice), Episcopal, Yulee.

Glance: The Bears went 4-3 since our last Super 6, beating Arnold, Creekside, North Bay Haven and Thompson (Ala.). They lost to Trinity Christian, Cherokee and Jefferson, the latter two Georgia schools who are a combined 41-8. Jenna Otts surged past the 200-kill mark since our last check in (203). Sydney Lewis (210 assists, 126 digs, 32 aces) is a versatile weapon for the Bears. Abigail Johnson (170 assists) is also closing in on the 200-assist mark.

5. (NR) Creekside (10-4, Class 7A)

Notable wins: Buchholz, Holy Trinity Episcopal, Episcopal, Middleburg, Nease, St. Augustine, Tocoi Creek, Trinity Christian.

Glance: The Knights return to the rankings after a 4-3 week, including a 3-2 mark at the River City Classic. They beat Holy Trinity, Buchholz and Trinity Christian and Menendez over that stretch. Killian Burnett (95 kills) and Allison Green (70 kills), Vivi Vasquez (210 digs) and Tyler Patterson (353 assists) power the Knights. Creekside is ranked sixth in the FHSAA rankings in Region 1-7A, right behind rival Bartram.

T6. (NR) Beachside (11-1, Class 4A)

Notable wins: Atlantic Coast, Fernandina Beach, Matanzas, Stanton, Tocoi Creek, Williston.

Glance: The Barracudas, a first-year program, make their Super 6 debut after storming through the Coastal Division bracket to win the JJVA River City Classic last week. They rank second behind Bishop Kenny in the Region 1-4A FHSAA rankings and have won seven consecutive matches. Their lone loss is to No. 1 Ponte Vedra. Next week’s lineup will give Beachside a good idea of where it’s at right now. It visits Bartram (Tuesday), Mandarin (Wednesday) and Nease (Thursday). Adriana Jeanpierre (124 kills) and Laney Lipovetsky (110 kills), Macey Williams (149 digs) and Erica Duffy (212 assists) lead Beachside.

T6. (6) Bolles (10-4, Class 4A)

Notable wins: Baker County, Effingham County (Ga.), Episcopal, Harvest Community, Keystone Heights, The Rock, Tocoi Creek.

Glance: The Bulldogs went 4-2 since our last Super 6, including wins over Episcopal, Effingham County, Roswell and The Rock. Grace Albaugh (165 kills, 42.4% kill percentage) is closing in on a 200-kill senior season. Bella Bergeron (86 kills) will be over 100 by next week. Anika Pillai (98 digs), Gracie Arnett (97 digs, 233 assists) and Penelope Kavalieros (97 digs) lead the Bulldogs.

Dropped out

Ridgeview (10-6, Class 5A).

Others to watch

Atlantic Coast (7-3, Class 7A); Baker County (8-5, Class 4A); Bishop Snyder (12-5, Class 3A); Christ’s Church (9-3, Class 2A); Columbia (13-5, Class 5A); Episcopal (5-8, Class 3A); Fernandina Beach (10-2, Class 4A); Fletcher (4-5, Class 6A); Fort White (6-1, Class 1A); Harvest Community (5-7, Class 2A); Mandarin (11-5, Class 7A); Matanzas (9-5, Class 6A); Middleburg (5-7, Class 5A); Providence (7-7, Class 3A); St. Johns Country Day (9-2, Class 2A); Ridgeview (10-6, Class 5A); Sandalwood (10-4, Class 7A); Stanton (10-3, Class 5A); Union County (10-5, Class 1A).

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Scalini’s Italian Restaurant Closes After Serving its Fabled Eggplant Parmesan for 42 Years

Scalini’s Italian Restaurant is now closed after 42 years on Cobb Parkway in Smyrna. The restaurant served classic, old-school Italian dishes, but was probably best known for its eggplant parmesan, a dish said to help induce labor for mothers close to or past their due dates.A statement posted to Scalini’s Facebook page indicates the...

Scalini’s Italian Restaurant is now closed after 42 years on Cobb Parkway in Smyrna. The restaurant served classic, old-school Italian dishes, but was probably best known for its eggplant parmesan, a dish said to help induce labor for mothers close to or past their due dates.

A statement posted to Scalini’s Facebook page indicates the restaurant closed following dinner service on Sunday, August 7. No official reason is provided for the closure, but replies by the restaurant to questions regarding its sudden closure suggest part of the decision may be due to a lack of employees.

The Facebook announcement currently includes more than 1,200 comments from people reminiscing about family get-togethers and celebrations there over the years and testimonies of the magical, labor-inducing powers of Scalini’s famous eggplant parmesan.

Opened in 1980 by John Bogino, Scalini’s became famous for the fabled eggplant parmesan and the claims it hastened labor for those who ate the dish during the latter days of their pregnancy. The lore surrounding Scalini’s eggplant parmesan eventually led the restaurant to compile a wall of photographs — affectionally known as the “Baby Eggplant Club” — filled with hundreds of pictures of infants supposedly born because their mothers had eaten the eggplant parmesan within hours or days of giving birth.

And while some commenters point to the fact that all seven locations of sister restaurant Provino’s feature the same buttery garlic rolls and eggplant parmesan on the menu, others say Scalini’s represents a special time in their lives which simply can’t be replaced or replicated.

Hearing tales of the legendary powers of the eggplant parmesan, Giving Kitchen co-founder Jen Hidinger-Kendrick hoped dining on the Scalini’s dish would help speed up the birth of her son 2.5 years ago.

“I had never been before. It was a fun experiment during pregnancy, and I wanted to try anything,” Hidinger-Kendrick recalls, who says the eggplant parmesan didn’t have the desired effect, but was still delicious. “Pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent is the greatest joy of my life, and the eggplant parmesan from Scalini’s was a beautiful experience in the grand scheme of it all.”

Atlanta barman Julian Goglia and his wife Julia both remember going on “fancy dates” to Scalini’s in high school and had heard rumors of the labor-inducing properties of the eggplant parmesan served on the menu. Right before Julia was set to give birth to their first child a few years ago, the Goglias headed to Scalini’s for dinner.

“When our first was close to being due, we grabbed an eggplant family meal that could’ve fed an army, [and] sure enough, our daughter was born two days later,” Julian Goglia says. “For our second daughter, same game plan [and] same result.”

Two weeks ago, the couple took Julia’s pregnant sister to Scalini’s for the eggplant parmesan. Julian wonders if she might have been the last expectant mother to indulge in the dish before Scalini’s closed this week. His sister-in-law gave birth just days later.

“Maybe it’s wolf magic. Maybe it’s simply sharing comforting staples with loved ones. I’m not sure, but I’ll miss being able to continue a several decades-old tradition of one last calm family meal before the storm,” he says of Scalini’s closure. Julian suspects others feel similarly about the loss of a dining ritual that became part of Atlanta restaurant industry folklore.

Scalini’s has yet to return Eater’s request for comment on the closure of the restaurant and the future status of the photographs from the Eggplant Baby Club wall.

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