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Dental X-Ray Certification

State of Georgia Dental X-ray Certification

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Course outline

This 8 hour Hands on program includes everything you need to receive your Georgia Dental X-ray Certification. 

  • Introduction to dental X-ray
  • Radiation safety
  • Producing diagnostic dental radiograph
  • XCP setup and X-Ray placement
  • Hands on training


Steps for complition

  1. Register
  2. Complete the online academic portion
  3. Schedule and complete the hands on portion
  4. Receive your certificate

Students are required to have basic knowledge of dental terminology and teeth numbers.

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Dental X-Ray Certification

$ 599 One time Payment
  • 6 hours of Online Training
  • 8 hours of In-Person Training
  • Dental X-ray Certificate Approved by State of GA
None of those options work for you? That’s okay. Contact us to inquire about a customized payment plan.
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