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10 Week Program

Learn the necessary skills to prepare you for employment as a dental assistant in only 10 short weeks.

Affordable Tuition

High quality education at a fraction of the cost of tradition dental assisting programs. Ask about our Payment Options.


Attend class only one day a week, while completing online homework and quizzes in your free time.

Job Placement

Our team will assist you in gaining employment. Your success is our success.

From start to job-ready in 10 weeks.

Our classes are held in real dental offices in Marietta with hands-on learning, Also we have online program designed for you to learn quickly and easily!


Affordable Tuition

High quality education at a fraction of the cost of tradition dental assisting programs. And ask about our Payment Options.


Join more than 2,500 students who have changed their future

Follow the path that more than 2,500 students have taken to a new career. Learn quickly and easily through hands-on training in a real dental office!

Become a Certified Dental Assistant and Begin Your Journey Toward a Successful Career!

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Answering your common questions

The Assisting 101 program is carefully developed to focus your training on the practical skills that our dental assistants use on a day to day basis. Also we are one of the only schools that utilizes a combination of easy to understand slide shows with voice over and demonstration videos by our instructors to allow an enhanced learning experience of the academic portion of the classes online. That means you can complete the academic portion of the classes fully online for our online program or in person during our in person training.

As of 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that dental assistants working in the United States earn an average of $18.59 an hour and $38,660 per year. Salary ranges vary widely by state and by major metropolitan area. For more information about the salary of a Dental Assistant, please visit http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes319091.htm

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At Assisting 101 our goal is to prepare you for your new career in every way possible. In addition to teaching you the skills and knowledge necessary to be a good dental assistant, we help you preparing your resume and coach you with presenting your self during interviews. We also, place your availability to work on our large network of doctors and dental professionals in your area. By working with our Recruiting expert, we work with you to give you the tools in order to find the right place for you. Almost all of our students find a job with in 60 days.

All of our training sessions are taken place in our private Dental Office located at Marietta and Jefferson. We welcome interested students to make an appointment with us to take a tour of our state of the art Dental Facility located above.


4720 Lower Roswell Rd A, Marietta 30068


1363 Old Pendergrass Rd, Jefferson 30549

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