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approved by the Georgia Board of Dentistry

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Take The Next Step In Your Career!

  • After 6 months of work, you can become an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant (EDDA).
  • As an EDDA, you can perform more advanced tasks without direct supervision from your dentist.
  • EDDAs earn higher salaries and enjoy greater job security than CDAs.
  • On average, EDDAs are paid $3 to $5 more per hour than CDAs
  • Taking the next step in your career as an EDDA can provide new opportunities for growth and professional development.

Why Assisting 101 EDDA Program Is Among The Best In The State

  • Assisting 101 is approved by the Georgia Board of Dentistry to teach, certify, and ensure that EDDAs meet the Board’s requirements.
  • The EDDA Program is designed with the student in mind, allowing for the best learning experience.
  • Students receive access to an in-depth online learning portal with easy-to-understand PowerPoints, videos, and demonstrations that can be completed at their own pace.
  • The program offers a clinical portion with a small class size (5 students) to ensure proper training and understanding of skills.
  • The program is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are dedicated to student success.
  • Assisting 101 offers flexible scheduling options to fit the needs of busy students.
  • The program offers affordable tuition and financial assistance options for those who qualify.
  • Students have access to career guidance and job placement assistance after completion of the program.
  • The program is constantly updated to reflect the latest advancements and techniques in the field.
  • Graduates of the program are highly valued in the dental industry and can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career as an EDDA.
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Entrance Requirements

  1. Meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Possess current certification as a Certified Dental Assistant.
  • Be a graduate of a one-year accredited dental assisting program or a dental assisting program approved by the board.
  • Have been employed as a chair side assistant by a licensed dentist for a continuous six-month period within the previous three years.
  1. Have a high school diploma or the equivalent and proof of current CPR certification.

  2. Complete our 18-hour EDDA course.  

  3. Pass the written and clinical competency examinations.

  4. Upon completion of this course, Student will receive a Georgia Board of Dentistry approved  Expanded Duties Dental Assistant Certification.

Interested? Here is How To Start!

1. Select The Program and Enroll.

  • EDDA Only
  • EDDA & Coronal Polishing
  • Coronal Polishing Only

2. Complete the Registration form and submit the required forms.

  • Copy of CPR Card
  • Copy of Certification
  • Employer Affidavit

3. Access our Online Learning Platform. and Complete the short easy to understand academic portion.
(Once you Enroll your will receive an email with directions on how to access the online learning platform.)

4.  Upon completion of the Part 1 of the program we will schedule your hands-on portion of the program.  This portion will take one or two days depending on your availability.

5. Once the student has completed both portions of the program a Georgia Expanded Duties Certification will be given.

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Expanded Duties (EFDA)

$ 589 One Time
  • EFDA/EDDA Certificate

Coronal Polishing & (EFDA)___

$ 689 One Time
  • EFDA/EDDA Certificate
  • Coronal Polishing Certificate
most popular

Coronal Polishing

$ 259 One Time
  • Coronal Polishing Certificate
None of those options work for you? That’s okay. Contact us to inquire about a customized payment plan.

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