Assisting 101


Affordable Tuition With Flexible Payment Plans


The program includes short in-person lectures, online education and extended hands-on training.  Utilizing different learning styles creates a better overall educational  experience. As soon as you register for our program, you will get access to our online platform to start your training right away. Doing so allows us to have shorter lectures and utilizing most of in-person class time for hands-on training.


During the 10 week program, students have the opportunity to do internship at our private dental office. This will help students to get even more training and experience. All together the online platform, the in-person hands-on training and internship our students felt much better prepared to find a job as a new graduate upon graduation.

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In addition to dental assisting our students get trained on basic front office duties.  Students will learn how to make appointments, answer calls, make basic treatment plans, and much more. We understand that being a well rounded dental assistant gives you more value and helps you become more successful dental career. 

What do i get after graduation?

We are authorized and regulated by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC.)

Once you graduate, you will receive four certifications that are required to start working as a Dental Assistant. The four certificates include:

  • Dental Assisting Certification
  • Dental X-Ray certification
  • BLS (CPR) certification
  • HIPPA/OSHA certification
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$ 3250 One Time
  • $3250 is paid prior to the beginning of the first class.

payment plan 1

$ 138 Weekly
  • $ 500 Deposit
  • 20 consecutive weekly payments (auto-drafted)
  • No fees or interest charged
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payment plan 2

$ 275 Weekly
  • $500 Deposit
  • 10 consecutive weekly payments (auto-drafted)
  • No fees or interest charged

Customized Payment Plan

None of these options work for you? That’s okay. Contact us to inquire about a customized plan for you. 

Extended Financing

You can apply online for Climb® Student Financing
for up to 36 month pay back option

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