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School of Dental Assisting

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You deserve a career that makes you smile. You can do this. 

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Online program comprised of 10 online academic sessions equal to 78 hours of academic lectures and 30 hours of hands on training.

Georgia School of Dental Staffing


This program is the traditional 10 week long program that will consist of in Marietta office-lectures and training on Saturdays from 9 am till 5 pm.

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Why choose us?

10 short Weeks

With programs as short as 10 weeks, you can be on your way to job certification faster than traditional schools or training programs. Job placement support will help you get a job as soon as possible.

Private mentorship

We offer students and those looking to advance their careers in Dentistry a mentorship program. You will work one on one with our expert healthcare professionals in order to advance your current methods and develop your clinical work. 24/7 access to your instructor is a unique feature of this program.

Affordable tuition

We have few options for paying for tuition. You can pay in full today, spread out payments,

Job Replacment

Through our large network of healthcare professionals, we guide our students in the job placement program and refer them to practices looking to hire. We also help students in preparing resume and provide interview coaching.

Students share their experience

You learn so much and just 10 weeks it's a lot to take in but the teacher make sure you get everything that you need to know in order to be successful in the dental field I really enjoyed my time at the school they're awesome
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Sophie Grant
Great staff! very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone interested in dental assisting or even to have dental work
James Stinger
The School for Dental Assisting is taught by experienced dental professionals who provide a informational 10 week program for anyone seeking to learn more about dentistry.
Amy Winter

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