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interested in starting your own dental assisting school?

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Why A Dental Assisting School is the Perfect Partnership For You

Having a Dental Assisting School is without a doubt the most effective way for todays dentists to maintain a well trained staff. Dentists all around the country are struggling to find quality staff. As a Partner with our dental assisting school you will have access to hundreds of potential candidates that have been trained at your facility and are familiar with your office systems.   

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Have you thought about having a Dental Assisting school?

We are looking to partner with doctors and dental groups to establish schools and help thousands of students launch careers as dental assistants. Benefits of the partnership include? During the hours your office is closed, you can earn a passive income that can be up to 300k+ Have a consistent and immediate access to a constant flow of interns and new-hires Help students develop careers in the dental field


  • Your office must be closed and available to us on Saturdays or Sundays for a minimum of 5 hours
  • A minimum of 4 operatories/exam rooms and space to store our supplies
  • Accessible WIFI
  • Accessible parking
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Our Guarantees

  • Additional income for your practice with little to no effort from you and your team
  • Supplement your income up to $100k+ per year
  • Access to trained dental assistants to help solve your hiring needs
  • Additional insurance is provided for the practice that covers all school-related activities
  • We cover all expenses and manage all operational components associated with the school

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best education through hands on training

We believe our country deserves affordable higher education options that provide skills-based training that leads to jobs. Our career schools create the opportunity for accelerated learning by training inside the workplace with experienced industry professionals.

We believe that partnering with the industry is the strongest path to job creation for our students. Our partners serve their communities by increasing access to education and benefit financially through payments for the use of their office.

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