Online Or On-site Program

Class Formats Offered:

We have two class formats:

Online classes,  consist of 10 online sessions and students will receive a take home hands on kit that they get to practice at home while they complete the academic portion of their training.  Students are highly encourage to complete 80 hours of externship either at our office or a local office of their choice.

We have designed a competency guide for each session that student is able to use during their externship to test their knowledge and skills learned during each session.   We highly encourage you to participate in an externship program so that you can practice your skills in a dental office with a live patient.


On-site classes,  consist of 10 weekends and students get academic portion of training in the morning session of class followed by hands on training in the afternoon.

Course Length:

Online Classes  consist of 10 sessions and can be completed at your own pace.

On-site Classes are 10 weeks long and held during Saturdays.


Class  Schedules:

Online program:  Schedules are completely flexible and students just need to focus on completing the online academic sessions.  The training can be easily accessed on any mobile devices or home computer.   Each session consist of reading materials, quiz and test that need to be submitted to your online instructor for evaluation before you can move on.  This program consist of 78 hours of academic and 30 hours of hands on training.  Students are encouraged to complete 80 hours of externship at our office or a local office of their choice.

On-site program consist of lecture courses on Saturday mornings followed by hands on training in the afternoons.    This program consist of 78 hours of academic and 48 hours of hands on training.  Also in addition 80 hours of in office internship will be offered at various times during the weekdays for students to complete their live patient competencies.  Students that are not able to complete live patient competencies at our office are encouraged to find another local office of their choice to do externship.


Class Hours:

Online program:  Flexible academic hours

On-site Program:  Lectures: 9 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., on Saturdays

Clinical: Flexible times, Monday – Friday


Class Location for On-site lectures:

4720 Lower Roswell Rd.

Marietta, GA 30068



Dental Theory and Terminology:

Course will  cover an overall introduction to the dental field. Review of key terminology, equipment, instrument, and understanding the depth of knowledge needed to become a professional dental assistant.


Dental Instruments & Basic Assisting:

Course will cover the basic procedures in the dental assisting. Students will learn how to assist using four handed dentistry technique, understanding the importance of proper infection control and sterilization.  This lecture and clinical studies will also focus on the duties of a Hygiene Assistant.



Course will cover theoretical and hands on training to enable the students to competently expose dental radiographs. Discussions will include the health, safety and welfare of both the operator and the patient.


Dental Material:

Course will cover different cements, bonding agents, and other restorative material used in general dentistry.


Dental Emergency & CPR:

Course will train and provide CPR Certification, as well as review of other dental emergencies that may occur within a dental office.


Restorative Dentistry:

Course will concentrate on the material and instruments used in Restorative Dentistry. Discussions will cover different classifications of restorative treatments and what material is needed for each procedure.



Course will cover in depth the treatments, material and instruments used in fixed and removable prosthodontics. the Lecture and clinical training will cover duties of an assistant during crown, bridge, and partials procedures.



Course will cover in depth the material, instruments, and treatment process used in Endodontics treatment. the lecture will cover proper setup and placement of rubber dam; the size of rotary instruments; and how properly mix the different material needed in a root canal treatments.


Oral Surgery:

Course will cover basics of assisting during a surgical treatment. The Lecture will cover proper suction, retraction, and instrument handling by an assistant during a surgical procedure.


Office Administrative & Resume Building:

Course will concentrate on developing habits of personal success. Emphasis will be placed on assessing qualifications, developing a job search network, preparing resumes, cover letters, and applications, and successful interviewing strategies and follow up.