Online Program

  • 10 online academic sessions equal to 78 hours of academic lectures and 30 hours of hands on training.
  • Take advantage of our externship placement assistance. Although our hands-on training is limited due to this being an online program, we are happy to help you find local offices nearby that are accepting volunteer interns and to help you complete your competencies.  We have designed these competencies for each one of your academic sessions so at the end of each session you can practice your learned skills in a dental office with a live patient.  While an externship is not a requirement to graduate from this program, we highly encourage you to complete 80 hours of an externship program at your local dentist office for additional understanding of the tasks you will be performing. It is also a great opportunity to do an externship at an office that you may be interested in seeking future employment with.
  • Enjoy enhanced educational lectures filled with rich illustrations, demonstration videos, and instructor voice-over slide shows to ensure understanding of each subject.
  • Engage with your assigned instructor who will be in constant contact with you to ensure your progress in each step.
  • Receive a welcome kit including their book, study materials, dentition models, alginate impression kit, pouring model kit, x-ray kit, and scrubs to gain hands-on experience with different dental materials all in the comfort of your home.
  • Complete this program at your own pace. Upon successfully completing quizzes, exams, and course load for each online session, students can then move on to the next session. Unlike most other programs across the nation, eager and motivated students who commit to studying each day can complete the program in as little as one month! Those with limited time due to other responsibilities can still complete this course within a reasonable time frame.
  • Begin at any time. This program is part of our rolling enrollment system, which means upon your registration approval you can start this program at any time.
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On-Site Program

  • This program is the traditional 10 week long program that will consist of in office-lectures and training on Saturdays from 9 am till 5 pm.
  • The Lectures will be given in our state of the art facility in Marietta, GA. To keep the quality of our training high, the space in these classes are limited. This program is only offered 4 times a year, please contact us for the dates.
  • These classes are designed to focus our teachings on practical clinical skills that dental assistants use on a day to day basis. Usually a subject is presented in the morning lecture and during the afternoon those tasks will be practiced in our operatories. Our small classes have two or more instructors to create a more intimate teaching environment.
  • Upon your registration for this traditional program an orientation date will be set that will be mandatory to attend. During this orientation, your study materials such as books and scrubs are provided.
  • One thing that is unique to our in-office training program is that we already include 48 hours of shadowing during those 10 weeks within our office.
  • This is a great program for those that are free on Saturdays and don’t mind driving to our facility can truly appreciate what this program has to offer.
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Dental X-Ray Certification

Includes 6 hours of online training and 8 hours of hands on in office training.

This class is designed for those that are only looking to obtain Dental X-ray Certificate approved by state.

Course outline will be as follow:

  • Introduction to Dental X-rays
  • Radiation Safety
  • Producing Diagnostic Dental Radioghraph
  • XCP setup and X-ray Placement technique
  • Hands-on training with actual live patients
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