Assisting 101 Offers:

• Career in healthcare at your own pace

• Affordable tuition

• Curriculum to fit your learning style

• Working with Atlanta’s Top Dentists

• Rolling admission

• Personal mentorship

• Small class sizes

• Hands-on-training

• Career placement preparation

• Assisting 101 hosted event

• Refresher classes for Assisting 101 graduates

• New, innovative Dental Assisting program

• Stable & Flexible career in the Healthcare field

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Dental Assisting, the right career path for you

Imagine yourself working in the field of healthcare. You have a fulfilling career in a fast growing industry. Everyday you are able to help others, work with different people, and have the freedom to make your own schedule. Your work environment is nice and serene. The work is exciting and it changes every hour of the day

If you can imagine yourself in this work environment, then Dental Assisting is right career for you. With opportunities for advancement and growth in the future as well as current job stability, Dental Assisting offers you the opportunity and perks of working in the Healthcare industry in only 8 weeks or at your own pace. For more information about Dental Assisting, please visit the our blog and Frequently Asked Questions page.

It’s Our Goal To Help You Build A Career

  1. Provide highest quality of dental assisting education courses for all students
  2. Prepare students to graduate with the confidence, professionalism, and qualifications to begin their career as Dental Assistants
  3. Prepare the dental assisting student to be a safe and competent dental health care professional by being in compliance with both federal and Georgia state standards and regulations
  4. Present a curriculum that will offer opportunities for the student to develop competency in basic business office procedures
  5. Provide the students with opportunities to develop competency in the use of safety techniques, exposing, developing and mounting of radiographs
  6. Encourage the dental student to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability in his/her professional role as dental assistant
  7. Encourage the commitment by the dental assisting student to continue his/her education which assures professional and personal development through his/her career in the profession of dental assisting

You are ready to start your career, now!

You want to ensure that you have a high income potential.

Start your Dental Assistant training today 

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