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How much does a dental assistant make

Welcome to the Georgia School of Dental Staffing (GSDS) blog. Here you will find information, tips, and stories regarding dental assisting, career development, pursing your life goals in the healthcare industry, and the dental field.

We want to share with you the top reasons you will love about working as a dental assistant and why you should pursue a career in dental assisting,

· U.S. news ranked Dental Assistants #17 in Best Health Care Support Jobs.
· According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there should be more than 58,000 new openings for dental assistants up to the year 2024. That amounts to 18 percent employment growth, which is much faster than the average for all professions.
· The salary for dental assistants has increased from 2006, and will continue to increase in years to come.
· Considering that almost one in three dental assistants worked part-time in 2014, according to the Labor Department, they make pretty good salaries.
· The Labor Department went on to explain how home health aides, pharmacy technicians, and medical assistants made less than the average dental assistant.
· U.S. News stated that the pay scale for dental assistants ranges from about $24,580 to $49,540. In 2014, the average pay for dental assistants was $36,260, and the median pay was $35,390. Dental Assistants have high flexibility, average stress levels, and high upward mobility.
· Great hours and very flexible with your schedule
· Future Growth Opportunities in other fields of dentistry

We are so excited that our next enrollment starts in October. This is a great opportunity to begin your new career in the dental field.

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