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Why Choose Assisting 101 for Your Coronal Polishing Certification?

Why Choose Assisting 101 for Your Coronal Polishing Certification?

If you’re a dental assistant looking to expand your skills and advance your career, obtaining a Coronal Polishing Certification is essential. In Georgia, this certification is not just a credential—it’s a legal requirement for dental assistants in Georgia who wish to perform coronal polishing. When choosing a training program, it’s crucial to find one that offers a comprehensive, practical, and accessible learning experience. Assisting 101 stands out as an excellent choice for several reasons:

Experienced Instructors
At Assisting 101 – a dental assisting institute in Georgia, our faculty combines years of industry experience with dedicated teaching. Our instructors provide high-quality, relevant instruction and practical solutions to real-world challenges. Their commitment to student success creates a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Customized Program
Our coronal polishing course is designed for flexibility. We offer a blend of online and in-person learning, allowing you to complete lectures at your own pace. In-person sessions focus on extensive hands-on training, fitting around your schedule and ensuring you gain practical skills.

Great Learning Experience
We emphasize a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Online lectures cover essential concepts, while in-person sessions provide hands-on training. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a realistic training environment, helping you refine your skills under expert supervision.

Affordable Tuition Costs
Education is an investment in your future, but it shouldn’t break the bank. At Assisting 101, we strive to make our courses affordable without compromising on quality. We offer competitive tuition rates to ensure that more dental assistants in Georgia can access this crucial training.

In addition to our standard tuition fees, we provide group discounts for dental offices. If you have a group of eight or more, we can even bring the training to your location.

Sealant Placement Certification: An Added Advantage
While obtaining your Coronal Polishing Certification, you can also add a Sealant Placement Certification to your credentials. This additional certification can be easily integrated into your training schedule and provides an extra layer of expertise, making you even more valuable to potential employers.

It’s The Law!
In Georgia, dental assistants are legally required to complete a Board-approved course in coronal polishing before performing the procedure. Our 8-hour course meets all the requirements set by the Georgia Board of Dentistry, ensuring that you are fully compliant with state regulations. Completing this certification not only enhances your skills but also ensures that you are practicing within the legal framework of your profession.

Course Availability and Scheduling
We offer our Coronal Polishing course throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for you to enroll at a time that suits you best. Our flexible scheduling options ensure that you can find a course date that fits your busy lifestyle. Whether you prefer to complete the course over a weekend or spread it out over several sessions, we have options to accommodate your needs.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for our coronal polishing course, dental assistants must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a graduate of a one-year accredited dental assisting program in Georgia or a program approved by the Board.
  • Have been employed as a chairside assistant by a licensed dentist for a continuous twelve-month period within the previous three years.
  • Additionally, candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent and proof of current CPR certification.

Choosing the right program for your Coronal Polishing Certification is crucial for your career as a dental assistant. At Assisting 101 – a dental assisting program in Georgia, we offer experienced instructors, a customized program, a great learning experience, and affordable tuition costs. Our program not only meets the legal requirements but also provides you with the practical skills and confidence needed to excel in your role. With the added advantage of Sealant Placement Certification and flexible scheduling, Assisting 101 is the ideal choice for your professional development. Enroll today and take the next step in your dental career!

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