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What being a dental assistant means to me

What being a Dental Assistant means to me

Today’s story comes from Jasmine. Jasmine became a Dental Assistant after graduating from High School. Thank you Jasmine for sharing your story with us.

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and I have been a Dental Assistant for about 5 months now. I learned about Dental Assisting when searching for a career path after high school. I knew I wanted to be in the Healthcare industry but I did not know exactly what path to take…. Should I become a Nurse, Doctor, Dentist, Hygienist? So many options but not enough guidance on which one I should choose.

After doing a bunch of research, I narrowed my path to the field of Dentistry. I am a perfectionist and love working with my hands. I learned how much the mouth and your teeth have to do with your overall health. I had no idea all the things that you can learn when you look into someone’s mouth. Also it was so easy to get into the field!  It takes only 10 weeks to become a Dental Assistant. Not only that, but the classes are fun and engaging. I loved it.

The best part of my career is that I learn something new everyday. I work alongside a wonderful Dentist that teaches me about oral health and hygiene techniques. I am able to educate my patients and help them with their pain or discomfort. It is the best feeling when a patient leaves with a smile on their face.

Becoming a Dental Assistant has been one of the best decisions I have made with my life. Now it is your turn, what is it that you want to do that will make you happy everyday?

Dental Assistant
Atlanta, GA

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