Our Mission:

Assisting 101 school was founded on the concept of helping individuals through our unique and enhanced training programs to achieve a more rewarding career in a professional environment.

We pride ourselves in having one of THE BEST Dental Assisting programs in Georgia with almost all of our students finding a position within 60 days from graduation.

We realize that making a decision to choose a new career is not easy, and it is even harder to manage your current responsibilities while you study and learn a new career.  That is why our mission is to focus our teachings on practical clinical skills that dental assistants use on a day to day basis.  With this mission in mind, our students will not be wasting valuable time on complicated academic lectures or tasks that most dentists do not perform anymore.

After all, we believe in second chances and Assisting 101 can help you reach this new life changing career while holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way.

Happy Career!  Happy Life!

Build A Career

Our two unique Dental Assisting programs consist of 78 hours of lecture and 48 hours of comprehensive hands on training at one of Atlanta’s best dental offices.  The program utilizes a hands-on educational approach where students learn by doing.

Private Mentorship

We offer students and those looking to advance their careers in Dentistry a mentorship program. You will work one on one with our expert healthcare professionals in order to advance your current methods and develop your clinical work.  24/7 access to your instructor is a unique feature of this program.

Job Placement

Through our large network of healthcare professionals, we guide our students in the job placement program and refer them to practices looking to hire.  We also help students in preparing resume and provide interview coaching.

Our Unique Job Placement Services:

What makes our program stand out among all others is our comprehensive job placement service.   We realize that searching for a new dental assisting job can sometimes be a daunting and intimidating process.  At Assisting 101 we have developed a career building program that will assist each student that has signed up for our online or on-site program.  Our ultimate goal is to have all of our graduating students adequately prepared and confident walking into a job interview.  Starting the 2nd week of your training you will be assigned with a career coach that will personally assist you in the following areas:

Professional Resume: 

During the orientation process you will receive a resume template, mailed or emailed, so you can start creating your professional resume.

Our career coaches will reach out to you during the second week of enrollment and start working with you individually to prepare a unique cover letter and improve your professional resume.

Pre-Job Search:

In this day and age of the digital world, most of your future employers will get their first impression of you from online sources.  Our career coaches will work with you to make sure your digital foot print is also professional so that it could help you secure your new job.   They will discuss the best ways to use your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and others to your advantage when searching for a job.

Mock Interview preparation:

Our coaches will practice mock interviews with you to teach proper interview etiquette and protocols.  They will review the common questions asked during interviews and the correct way of answering those questions.   They will also coach you on how to dress and present yourself as a dental professional.

Job Placement:

Our coaches will give you insight on the best avenues to search for a new job.  We will connect you with all of the networks and groups used by dentists looking for an assistant.  We will also help you put your name out to the local recruits so that you can find your job faster.